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Healthy Late Night Snacks That Help You Sleep

Whatever you are an adult trying to figure out budgeting and how to fix the leaking faucet or a college student who has 2 tests and 3 submissions due in a couple of hours or a mom who is trying to keep it together without going crazy, we all need …

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Natural Juices Not As Healthy As May Seem – Study

Natural juices are rich in fructose, unlike water or low fat milk, according to Dr. Richard Johnson from the University of Florida College of Medicine. Researchers believe that fructose may trigger obesity for humans. Previous studies connected excessive drinking of soft drinks and fruit juices with a high risk of …

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What is a Healthy Eating Plan?

Healthy eating is important for everyone, from babies to the elderly. Learning to eat well is more than just eating a variety of foods so that your body gets the proper nutrients. It is also about enjoyment of foods and maintaining a healthy weight. Anyone can eat for good health. …

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What is Healthy Chocolate?

The concept of dark healthy chocolate is something relatively new. Everyone knows that chocolate tastes yummy, but most have no idea that it is a health food in the correct form. Researching the internet, Xocai is the main product that appears on a Google search. This company, MXI Corp, has …

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Apricots – Wonder Food for a Healthy Life

Credit of finding one of the best nutritious fruits – the Apricot – goes to Alexander the Great. He was the first to see the fruit growing in the wild while returning back to Europe after his military expeditions in Asia. The word Apricot got its name from the Latin …

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