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Is the Life Insurance I Get Through My Employer Enough?

Many people know that I work in the life insurance industry and ask me if the life insurance they get from their employer is enough. There are several types of life insurance that fall under the heading of "Employer Life Insurance". I will try to address their merits individually. Life …

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How to Get Cheap Life Insurance Online in Virginia

Some individuals just don’t think ahead and by the time they realize they need a life insurance policy, they are already suffering with a serious illness. It can seem impossible at that point to find affordable life insurance but that’s just not the case. With all the cheap life insurance …

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What Is A Dental Insurance Maximum Benefit?

Did you ever need to ask "what is a dental insurance maximum benefit" when you discovered that your dental insurance did not cover something and you are left with a large dental bill? Or, did you ever find that you needed quite a bit of dental work to get back …

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Why Health Insurance Is Important To Young Individuals In Texas

Young individuals in Dallas, Houston and through Texas are a pretty healthy group in general, but going without health insurance interferees with their access to the health care system, introduces barriers to care when it's needed, and leaves young individuals and their families at risk for high out-of-pocket costs in …

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Health Insurance – Is it Possible to Pay Less?

Discount health insurance may seem like a contradiction in terms, but there are plans and policies offering varying levels of discounts. How much you might be able to save will depend on a lot of factors however, and "discount" does not always mean what you might think it means. As …

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