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Going Traveling, Why Not Surf Australia?

There are a few general facts about Australia you should know. It is known to be the home of one of the greatest waves and some of the hottest surfers! For someone looking for a holiday in a place with plenty of Coastline then this is the place to be. …

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Bookmakers in Australia

Bookmakers have been an integral part of Australian horse racing almost since its inception. In the early years of Australian racing, on course bookmakers were the only legal form of gambling on racing. The bookmaker frames a market by giving odds on every horse in the race. Gamblers then bet …

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The Great Masculine Renunciation of the 19th Century

There was an intense period of change in social, political, and fashion spheres during the 19th Century. Men increasingly adopted a penchant for dark coloured attire; most notably black emerged as a favoured choice of colour among all sectors of the male population. Trends in clothing towards functional simplicity became …

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