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How to Get Affordable Dental Insurance

So you are wondering how to get affordable dental insurance. It really is not that hard. Dental insurance and affordable dental plans are accessible and readily available so that you can achieve good overall health. You may be surprised how easy it is to get instant coverage so you can …

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How To Reduce The Amount You Spend on Car Insurance?

You can try one of them or all of them together but always be alert and analyze though what the agents are offering you. Avoid Monthly Installments Usually to provide a more appealing deal, insurers offer to collect the insurance premium in small monthly installments. However, what they do not …

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3 Step Formula to Writing Your USP

There is an easy 3 step formula, and this is something that we are going to do. This is a formula, that was created by a member of GKIC named John Carlton. And this is an easy way to be able to create a USP. You can create it fast, …

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An Introduction To Life Insurance Companies

Life Insurance is a risk policy against death. It involves two parties, the insured and the insurer. The insured transfers a risk to the insurer. In return, the insured receives a policy and pays a pre-determined amount of premium for a set amount of time. There are two kinds of …

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Supplemental Dental Insurance 101

Many people mistakenly assume that all their dental needs are covered by their health insurance plans. While many health insurance plans – most notably HMOs – may offer some dental coverage, most of your dental needs will not be covered by the normal health insurance plan. In fact, you may …

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What Will Tennessee Health Insurance Do With Health Care Reform?

A study by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee takes an in-depth assessment of the possible effects that national health care reform could mean for Tennessee residents. The study estimates that 683,000 Tennesseees will get new Tennessee health insurance coverage under health care reform. It also focuses on possible changes …

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