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6 Top Organizational Features of Closet Design

If a beautifully organized space in the bedroom with a place for every pair of shoes, purse, scarf, and clothing separate is your fantasy, beautiful closet design may be on the horizon. Thanks to modular organizational systems and innovative features, this storage area can fit your needs in new and …

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Points to Consider For Your Workwear

If you are considering implementing a new dress code or introducing a work uniform for the first time, then you may wish to think about a few important points. Importantly, you must consider if your chosen workwear suits your company and its ethos. It has to be suitable and comfortable. …

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How to Dress for a Youth Internship – 7 Tips

This article offers tips on how to dress for a youth internship. In addition to gaining experience and exposure, an internship positions you to be the recipient of opportunities for jobs, contacts, scholarships, fellowships, and more. Therefore, it’s imperative that you dress for success. 7 Tips · Never wear tennis …

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Be A Celebrity In Your PVC Boots

The PVC boot… a tacky replacement for someone who cannot afford to pay out for a pair of thigh length leathers, or a stylish and sexy addition to the wardrobe of any respectable female on this planet? If the answer to the question above were measured against examples of female …

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Online Auction Safety

We’ve all watched the news and heard story-after-story of the innocent online shopper taken advantage of by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Let’s face it: when purchasing anything from anywhere on the Web, it’s wise to take precautions before we pull out the Visa and go to town. Online auctions …

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Patterns For Plus Size Children

Plus size children and overweight children need patterns and clothing that fit THEIR “larger than average” measurements. Sadly, neither ready made clothing nor commercial patterns address the real issue of children’s measurements. After interviewing countless dozens of mothers, grandmothers, and sewing professionals who are trying to get clothing and patterns …

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