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Out Of Body Experience Information, Facts, and Tips

An out of body experience, aka OBE or astral projection, is the state in which the mind apparently leaves the body. This usually lasts for only a few minutes, not normally more. Allegedly, the “soul” leaves the body for those few minutes and that is what it is all about. …

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Does Purchasing An ETF In Gold Protect Your Money?

There are exchange traded funds for all types of investments. One of the most popular today happens to be, you guessed it, GLD or other gold related ETFs. Based on the current gold cost rising and the discussion or controversy as to why ranges from inflation expectations to protection against …

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Satisfying Wine and Beer Pairings for Lamb

So you want to showcase your culinary skills at the upcoming dinner party you are hosting this weekend with a delectable lamb feast? Be sure you choose the right beer and wines to match the flavors of your dish! Although both red and wine are great for any American lamb …

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Restarting Your Business With a Mini Business Plan

One of the biggest mistakes people make in direct sales is what I call the hobby approach. Too many of you are working your business when you have some extra time instead of making it a priority. Approaching your company like a business is directly related to your level of …

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Wall Mount Speakers

Wall speakers are the new hip thing in surround sound systems because it eliminates the wires on the ground that are in the way and it also eliminates the space taken by regular sound systems because they are mounted to the walls. If you want your surround sound system to …

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The Secret of Creativity

THERE IS NO SECRET There is no fine line between being creative and not being creative. There are gradations, however, and these can change. That is because we are all, as human beings, basically creative. Have you ever had a problem, came up with a solution and solved it yourself? …

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