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Zeolite and Diatomaceous Earth: What Is The Difference?

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring material. Zeolites occur in nature however they can also be manufactured to create a product with a specific chemical makeup and function. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a substance made up of the tiny, fossilized exoskeletons of tiny single-celled organisms known as diatoms. It is …

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Reasons To Take a Leave Of Absence At Work

Being able to take a leave of absence at work can be very handy. In this economy, you do not want to lose or walk away from a paying position just because you need an extended period of time off. Calling out repeatedly due to things coming up in your …

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Sore Penis TLC – Help for Bruised Penile Tissue

Bruises can be painful and a little disconcerting no matter where they appear on the human body, but when they show up on the penis, men might reasonably react with more than a little alarm. Thankfully, most cases of penile bruising are mild, and they tend to dissolve and disappear …

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