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Sore Penis TLC – Help for Bruised Penile Tissue

Bruises can be painful and a little disconcerting no matter where they appear on the human body, but when they show up on the penis, men might reasonably react with more than a little alarm. Thankfully, most cases of penile bruising are mild, and they tend to dissolve and disappear …

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How Often Should You Milk Your Prostate?

Prostate Milking or Prostate Massage is the process of either massaging or stimulating the prostate gland. There are two reasons for massaging the prostate which can either be for sexual stimulation or medical purposes. Sexual stimulation via the prostate is highly beneficial to men since the level of orgasms is …

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How To Quickly Remove Porn From My Computer

Just the kind of question often promoted by teenagers like you – How can I remove Porn from my computer? Well, there are ways to do so which does not require you wake up your parents in the dead of the night since you thought of a way to hide …

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Interesting Facts About Raspberries

Yum, raspberries!  So sweet and tasty, whether you are eating them plain or with ice cream.  But how much do you really know about raspberries?  Facts like they have no fat, they come in four different colours and what states and provinces grow the majority of raspberries in Canada and …

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What is a Shallot and How to Cook Them

If you’re wondering what is a shallot, you might like to have a look through a French cookbook. Shallots are a very common ingredient in French food where you’ll find their mild oniony flavor used in a wide variety of dishes and sauces. Learn a little bit about shallots with …

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