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Save Time When Searching For Van Insurance

Van owners can save time and money by searching online for the best and cheapest van insurance. Having the correct type of van insurance is vital. There are many different options available. Sometimes the cheapest does not necessarily mean the best.

A van is defined as a vehicle which is designed to carry goods and less than four passengers. It must also be under 3.5 gross weight / maximum payloads.

Many people are choosing to drive a van rather than a car for their own social, domestic and pleasure purposes. These vans are not associated with any business or commercial enterprises in any way. This must be made clear to the insurance company as the type of policy will be different from commercial van insurance.

Vans used for business and commercial enterprises will need to have a van insurance which meets the needs of their business. If the van is used for transportation of goods from which reward or payment is made Goods in Transit will need to be included on the insurance policy.

Most vans can be insured in three different ways. Third party only, Third Party Fire and Theft and Comprehensive. However, this may differ from different insurance companies and is usually dependent on what the van is going to be used for.

Specific criteria are applied by the insurance companies. Drivers under the age of 21 years are generally more expensive to insure as they are considered to be a higher risk. Statistics show that young drivers are more likely to drive recklessly and be involved in more accidents and accidents than drivers over 21 years. Many insurance companies have an under 25 year's age limit before they offer lower premiums.

The amount of accidents a driver has been involved in and made an insurance claim will also affect the cost of the promotions. Drivers who have a proven no claims record can get discounts on their van insurance premiums.

Having a no claims discount will decrease the insurance premiums only quite considerably. No claims discounts are the insurance company's way of rewarding careful drivers and those who rarely make a claim. It is possible to have a protected no claims bonus. This entitles the insured person to make a certain number of claims before they lose the discounts.

It is worth shopping around for van insurance as many insurance companies offer large discount s for new customers for the first year. These offers are subject to minimum premium and have specific criteria which have to be met in order to qualify.

The majority of insurance companies will offer two different levels of business insurance. Cover for you and your partner for business use or cover for you and any authorized driver for business use. 'Any driver' insurance has higher premiums than named driver policies.

It is also worth noting that many insurers do not offer quotations in a company name. The main driver must be the owner, policy holder and registered keeper of the vehicle. Having the right type of van insurance is vital if you are going to be covered appropriately and according to your individual or business needs.

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