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Jenna Jameson – Did She Really Remove The Implants?

Jenna Jameson, born Jennifer Marie Massoli on April 9, 1974, rose to fame as a porn star after appearances in men’s magazines such as Hustler and Penthouse. Jameson also founded multi media adult entertainment company ClubJenna, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is famous among adults who view adult films, and people who are curious about the adult film industry are familiar with her name.

This year, Jameson decided to retire from adult filmmaking. After all, she’s 33 years old now, and we all know the porn industry focuses predominantly on very young men and women; most in their very early 20s. To mark this decision, Jameson decided to remove her signature DD breast implants and, it is reported, go back to her own natural C cup breasts.

But did she really remove the implants? There are people who believe that Jameson simply reduced the size of her implants. Her perfectly rounded, now C cup breasts still bear the artificial “ball shape” that trademarks manufactured breasts. And although it was plastic surgeon Garth Fisher who “removed” the implants in a three hour surgery, the lack of visible scarring and drooping that can be seen on the breasts in Jameson’s “bikini shots” seem to indicate that there wasn’t much need for the skin tucks and nipple jobs that would have been necessary to completely remove DD sized implants. Breast skin (like skin anywhere else on the body) once it’s stretched, does not simply “bounce back” to its original size in a short amount of time. Like a three hour surgery.

Jameson reports that she felt uncomfortable when she had implants, and unless she was at an adult film convention, she’d wear high necked clothing to hide her assets. She claims to have been shy at the beach. When jogging, she reports, she had to hold on to her breasts. She says she is now able to stand up straighter. Jameson is happy with her body and says she feels like she did when she was 17. But are the now-smaller breasts really her own? We might never know for sure.

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