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Poison Ivy Remedies – How Can You Tell If You Have Poison Ivy and What to Do If You Do

Knowing some poison ivy remedies can come in handy as this plant grows quite plentifully in the United States and Canada. Usually, it grows by twining on the trunks of trees or sprawling over the ground but it can also grow into upright bushhes.

The roots, leaves, and stems have a poisonous sap called urushiol. When you have been poisoned, there are several poison ivy remedies you can try out.

How do you know if you have come into contact with this particular plant? Usually, an itching rash appears within 24-72 after contact with it. The rash starts off as small red bumps which later changes into blisters of different sizes. It may crust over or ooze.

The rash is found on the part of the body which has come in contact with the plant's urushiol. The rash appears in straight lines or streaks on the skin but it can also have a certain shape or pattern. Scratching or spreading the blister fluid will not spread the poisoning to other parts of the body or to other people.

Usually, the cause of the rash spreading is additional exposure to the poisonous sap which may be present on the hands, clothing, and other objects.

It helps to wash the skin immediately (usually before 15 minutes has elapsed) after coming in contact with plant. It helps prevent a reaction as urushiol binds to skin proteins after that time. If not, there are a number of poison ivy remedies you can use.

One of the poison ivy remedies is apple cider vinegar. It is said to work by drawing out the poison while assisting with healing. Just apply it liberally to the affected area and the rashes should disappear soon enough.

Knowing a poison ivy remedy or two can help alleviate the itching and burning caused by the plant. There are many more remedies for poison ivy and it is best to know more about them.

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