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The Benefits of Individual Health Insurance Plans

Before you even consider buying an individual insurance plan, you need to know just exactly the kind of benefits you will receive from this plan. Insurance companies offer many kinds of plans and different kinds of coverage for each specific plan. If you are seriously thinking of getting one, here are some of the benefits insurance companies are more likely to offer you.

Individual health insurance packages usually include the following:

? Inpatient mental health

? Outpatient mental health

? Annual Ob-Gyn visits

? Adult Physical

? Well-baby care

? Inpatient substance abuse

? Outpatient substance abuse

? Pre-Natal Care

? Normal delivery

? Complications of pregnancy

? Oral contraceptives

? Consultation fees

? Personal accidents

? Psychiatric treatments

You are allowed to choose from which amongst these benefits you want to have on your policy. Current studies show that marital-related benefits are regularly purchased by the consumers while substance abuse is the least bought benefit.

Aside from these benefits, individual health insurance or? Indemnities? also include drug cards. Those who have these drug cards are able to purchase prescription drugs, but they will be paid by the insurance company. These drug cards are actually a popular choice among the consumers of indemnities. In fact, 51 percent of those applying for indemnities purchase them to be included in their plan.

Finally, one other benefit that will be covered is your financial protection. Insurance companies offer various options for those applying for indemnities. These include deductibles and co-payments wherein the medical provider and the consumer will share the expenses and out-of-pocket limits. This sets a specific amount that the consumer will pay annually for their services.

The rates of these benefits differ from each company. If you wish to learn more about these rates, contact them and make an appointment for a consultation.

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