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Motivation For Your Kid's Organization

Kid's closets can be a real challenge. They are usually crammed with toys and clean clothes that have been rolled down off of the hangers and mixed with the dirty ones. Kids are notorious for trying on a few different outfits before they decide on one, leaving a mountain of laundry in their wake. This can be very frustrating for parents that are just trying to keep their household running smoothly. There's nothing worse than opening your kid's closet and discovering that everything you hung is now wrinkled up in a heap on the floor, mixed with dirty clothes, and disguising all of those little pointy toys that you are sure to step on in your attempt to fix the mess. Enough is enough already. It's time to get in there and make a change. Your goal now is to have everything that they need within their reach and create some sort of a system that they'll be inclined to stick to. This can be a tricky task, but not an impossible one.

Kids thrive on motivation. Keep your child's personality in mind when tackling their closet. What makes sense to an adult may not be sensible to a child. Simple decorations or signs can motivate them to follow instructions. Try putting signs or pictures that indicate clean or dirty clothes on small laundry baskets near the closet. If they try something on and can not reach the hanger again, then they should put it in the clean laundry basket. If they wear something for any length of time, it goes in the dirty basket. Be creative by putting a picture of your child covered in chocolate or mud on the dirty basket and an opposition picture of cleanliness, such as a bubble bath photo on the clean basket. If your child thinks that the pictures are funny, then they're way more likely to stick to the system.

The next step is to put a low bar for hanging clothes down on their level. It's usually a good idea to keep a high bar for things that you really do not want them to pull down, such as dresses or suits. Installing a low bar can give them the feeling that it is something special just for them, making them proud of having the responsibility of keeping their clothes on this special bar. Use a plastic shower curtain rod cover to make it a bright color. They're very inexpensive and can be cut to fit any hanging rod. Dress it up and stress how it's just for them. You can even get special children's hangers for their closet. Color coordinated children's clothes hangers can motivate your child to keep things hung in a color pattern, such as pink, purple, blue, pink, purple, blue. The idea is to make them think that it is fun. Children's clothes hangers are now available in beaded versions, funky shapes and colors that can make your challenge a little easier. Have fun with it and keep your child involved in the activity. You'll have a fun project, a little bonding time and maybe make your life a little easier in the process.

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